Hello, my name is Naomi LaViolette and I am a performing musician, recording artist and songwriter in Portland, Oregon.  I love being a part of the vibrant arts community in this city!  My regular performance calendar includes monthly jazz piano and vocals at Portland’s historic Benson hotel, classical piano accompanying for the Oregon Repertory Singers, and frequent performances for weddings, wineries, nonprofit and corporate events.  I am the pianist for the Saving His Music project, and I regularly sing the National Anthem for the Portland Timbers and Thorns.

“Written For You” is my new record in the works for 2017.  It will feature song commissions I’ve written over the past few years.  I love to help others tell their stories through song.  You can listen to some of these commissions on the Song Commissions page, and visit the link below to find out how to get involved and support the project.

Naomi’s New Record “Written For You”

I have loved music for as long as I can remember. So I write songs, perform shows and make records. I hope that the music I create makes the world a more joyful and beautiful place.  Peace, love and music, to you.  – Naomi