Release of "We Don't Need Words" - single

Dear Friends,

Greetings from Portland, Oregon! I hope wherever you are, you're having a beautiful February 9.

I am thrilled to tell you that my new song, "We Don't Need Words," is out now!

We don't need words ART.jpg

"We Don't Need Words" is the first of my four seasonal singles to be released in 2018. Since it is a sweet love song, it is timed to line up with celebrating Valentine's Day.

The Story Behind the Song:

“We Don’t Need Words” is a love song, written as a gift for my dad and his wife Karol. It originates from a love that is familiar, comfortable, and stable.

For many years, I’ve wanted to write a song for my dad, and I’m so glad it was THIS song. A song that celebrates his loving marriage, and a woman that has been a wonderful addition to my life as my step-mom.

While the release of a love song is usually filled with joy and happiness, this one is bittersweet for me. My dad has recently been diagnosed with a terminal disease called Myelofibrosis. Essentially, his bone marrow is no longer producing enough red blood cells, making him weak and claiming much of his energy. He is doing his best to enjoy the rest of the life he is given. Instead of extensive chemo treatments or a risky bone marrow transplant, my dad has opted to live his life to the fullest with simple blood transfusions for as long as possible. We all know his life will be shortened drastically. He's only 71, and his doctor estimates this disease will take him in 2 to 4 years.

While my dad’s condition has been very hard on us, and no one is ever prepared for news like this, we are trying to enjoy our time left with him as much a possible. Dad and Karol are at peace with the situation, and they have an amazing faith that sustains them. Recently, my dad and Karol had a “Celebration of Life” party for their anniversary, and he and I decided to surprise her with this song.

During the creation process, my dad expressed how amazing she is:

Her servant heart.

Her brave attitude.

Her kind spirit.

Her peaceful presence.

He believes he has grown so much, being married to her, and when they are together, no matter where they are, he feels like he is “Home”. They don’t need words to say they love each other — sometimes just a touch of their hands, a head leaned on a shoulder, or a glance across a room is all they need.

I’m so thankful my dad has experienced this kind of love, and that they will love each other “till the end.”

I wish this kind of love upon every person, whether it is a romantic love, a friendship love, a familial love, or otherwise. It is a true gift to love and be loved.

Finally, I'll close with acknowledging the people that helped this song come to life:

Tom & Karol Rykert (for graciously allowing me to share their story)

Steve Sundholm (production, engineering, mixing & mastering)

Keith Sommers (guitar)

Jennifer Yowsa (artwork) View Jennifer's work

HUGE thanks to these wonderful folks for being a part of this song.

I really hope you enjoy listening to "We Don't Need Words," and that the love it portrays fills your heart with love, hope, and inspiration. Happy Valentine's Day.

XO -