New lyric video - "Walk With Me"

Hot off the video presses - here is "Walk With Me - Lyric Video."  Best watched with great speakers or headphones.  Enjoy this expression of love and the beauty of cherry blossoms in the Spring!

This video was made possible by my wonderful and generous patrons at my Patreon page.  I was able to hire a professional film-maker for this project, because of their support.  They all got to see this video a week early!  Plus they are always receiving other fun rewards. Click the button below to find out about being a patron...  I'd love for you join!

"Walk With Me" was commissioned by a man for his wife on her 50th birthday.  It celebrates his commitment and love to her, and it is the first song on my newest record, Written For You, released fall 2017.  The whole record features song commissions and gifts.  I love using music to share and preserve the stories and relationships in our lives.  

Thanks for your continued support of my work as an artist, it means the world to me to share it with you!

love, peace and music,
- naomi