Release of "Night of Silence"

I am thrilled to share that my new holiday single, "Night of Silence," is now available!


"Night of Silence" is the final of my four seasonal singles to be released in 2018. Today you can listen, stream, and purchase "Night of Silence" at my shop...

...and in all the other places to get music, like Spotify, Amazon, and iTunes, sometime in the next week or so! (I can't completely control when these digital partners make music available)

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The story behind the song:

My dear friend Amy Hawkins, is quite the poet, and she came to me with these beautiful words about the struggle of being alone during the holidays. This is something we both have experienced, so it definitely hit home for me. Many people have a hard time during the holidays. The season, while meant to be joyful, often can bring sorrow when we consider our lives and how they may have turned out in ways we didn’t want or expect. But in Amy’s poetry, there is also a journey from sadness to peace, found in sacred spaces and nature. She graciously allowed me to work on the words and create the music with her, so this song is truly collaborative.


The season swells with Noel

Lights are shining, yuletide dawning

Here I am alone

Looking past gold and glass

A future lost, cold as the frost

Oh where is home?

Carols ring, choirs sing

Candles burning, memories swirling

All around me

Here I stand with open hands

I’m drawing near and I hear

Echoes of joy

In this night of silence

My broken past is left behind

Dreams are born from ashes

So beautiful as they rise

Tears flow, walking through the snow

I can’t see the path before me

But hope still burns

A velvet sky, arching high

Warmed by starlight, all is bright

And love returns

In this night of silence

The light of heaven shines

Peace, be still, I’m not alone

I’m filled by grace divine

Finally, I'll close with acknowledging the people that helped this song come to life:

Amy Hawkins (Composition)

Steve Sundholm (Production, engineering, mixing & mastering)

Ivy Newport (Artwork) View Ivy's work

Kiel Bishop (Graphic Design)

My PATRONS! Their support helps me make things.

HUGE thanks to these wonderful folks for being a part of this song.

May this song be a unique and reflective addition to your holiday playlists. Lots of love to you all this season.

XO -