Release of "Everything Is Brighter" - single

I am thrilled to share that my new song, "Everything Is Brighter," is out now!

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"Everything Is Brighter" is the third of my four seasonal singles to be released in 2018.  Today you can listen, stream, and purchase "Everything Is Brighter" in all the places you can find music...

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The story behind the song:

Last year, I made a commitment to write a song for my dear friend Melissa. I wanted to thank her being for being my confidant and friend, and all the ways she has supported me as a musician. When I asked her what she wanted her song to be about, she said, “How about friendship?” Which couldn’t have been a more perfect answer. Our friendship has quite a story… 

Melissa and I became friends in the parking lot of our kids’ pre-school. I was going through a divorce and needed some help with the transition. I didn’t intend to literally lose it in front of her or totally overshare what I was going through… but I’m so glad I did. She completely took me in. 

As I navigated becoming single, she was also navigating having a husband in medical school. We spent many evenings sharing dinner at her home, with all our kids, me with no husband, and her husband gone at school and various residencies. She was my lifeline. I will never forget all that she gave to me during that time. 

She helped me move out of my old house, and into an apartment around the corner from her. She loved my kids like they were her own. Over glasses of red wine we shared all of our stories with each other. She came to my concerts and showered me with encouragement. When her husband Michael was able to join us, I was able to witness a truly loving and supportive marriage. It gave me hope. And then, one day, she took care of my kids for me so I could go on a first date with John, who is now my husband. Melissa gave the most beautiful toast at our wedding. I’m so thankful she was present for these big moments in my life. She fully understood and supported me through my pain and also my joy. 

I sincerely believe people are brought together for a reason. Eventually, Melissa needed my help. During one of our deep conversations, she broke down and told me about her father’s recent diagnosis with early onset Alzheimer’s. He was a composer and pianist, and his music was the soundtrack of her family. Most of it existed only in his memories, and it was beginning to become fragmented and lost when he tried to play it on the piano. This was devastating to her, as she was not only losing her dad to the illness, but also his beautiful music.  

I said, “Maybe I can help.” And the Saving His Music project was born.  

Over the past 3 years I have partnered with Melissa’s family to save her dad’s music, by learning it from him and then recording it. It has been a truly life-changing and experience for everyone, as his music and legacy have been saved. Our project was featured in the Oregonian and on CBS Sunday morning, and our CD, “The Nature of Love,” spent 3 weeks on the Billboard New Age chart. It’s all because of the power of friendship, and supporting those we love through the hard times.  

The lyrics for “Everything is Brighter” pretty much poured out of me when I considered my friendship with Melissa. I also thought about my husband, and other dear friends I’ve had in my life while writing it. I hope it can represent all types of “friendships” and that it fills listeners with gratitude for their best pals. 

Melissa is a big fan of epic, cinematic, anthemic music, so I had some fun composing the music in that style. Producer Gus Berry helped with drum sounds, guitars and everything it needed to become an anthem. Hopefully listeners will feel the power of friendship in a way only music can convey. 


Sometimes I don’t know where to begin
Sometimes my heart just caves in
It’s always then, that you’re there for me
When I laugh until I cry
Or when I’m overwhelmed and sigh
That’s the time, that you’re there for me

With open arms, open arms

When nothing’s going right
I’ll be the sunlight in your sky
And together everything is brighter
And in my darkest night
You’re the moonlight in my life
And together everything is brighter

Tell me the songs you want to sing
And all the dreams you ever dream
In anything, I’ll be there for you
And even if you fall apart
You can trust me with your deepest scars
With all my heart, I’ll be there for you

With open arms, open arms

When nothing’s going right
I’ll be the sunlight in your sky
And together everything is brighter
And in my darkest night
You’re the moonlight in my life
And together everything is brighter

When two lay down they’re staying warm
A cord of three strands ain’t easily torn
It’s history that tells us this
Yeah, friendship, is a beautiful gift
So take my hand, it’ll be okay
There’s nothing that’ll take this light away
‘Cause together everything is brighter

Finally, I'll close with acknowledging the people that helped this song come to life:

Gus Berry (Production, engineering, mixing & mastering)
Ivy Newport (Artwork) View Ivy's work
My PATRONS!  Their support helps me make things.

HUGE thanks to these wonderful folks for being a part of this song.  

May this song brighten your life, and please share it with your friends!  Life is too short not to tell people regularly how much you love and appreciate them. May this become your theme song!

XO -