Fun Concert Video

Hi Friends,  

I had the fun and wacky experience of having a camera over my fingers at the piano during a recent concert at the Aladdin Theatre in Portland.  Check it out...

Are you wondering...  why the camera?  Well, this song was part of a unique concert / presentation called "Music and the Aging Brain," with neuroscientist Dr. Larry Sherman.  He requested a piece that demonstrated the fine motor skills of playing an instrument.  So I dusted off this little tune, "Gardens in the rain," by Debussy.  It's fun, a little flashy, and appropriate subject matter for a pianist born and raised in the Pacific Northwest.

If you watch till the end, you'll see they bring me beer.  Ah, Portland.  You're a fun place to be.  

I am always so thankful to have all of you - a tribe of people that are connected to this journey of making music.  I hope that the things I create, including wacky videos like the one above, add enjoyment, creativity, and beauty to your life and our world.  

love, peace and music,
- naomi