Performing at Carnegie Hall

The Spring 2018 Lullaby Project Celebration Concert was streamed live from Carnegie Hall in New York City on June 1.  I was so grateful to perform "Aurora Eve" on behalf of the Oregon Symphony.  If you weren't able to catch the livestream, you can watch it now at the Carnegie Hall Facebook Page.  (The whole concert is wonderful, but if you'd like to jump to my performance, it starts around 27:20 minutes in)

Check out all of the lullabies made by the Oregon Symphony here:

This has been such a beautiful experience of using music to deepen and strengthen family bonds. And what a thrill to meet the people that started it all in New York City!  For more information about the beautiful work of the Lullaby Project, visit

love, peace, and lullabies,
- naomi

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Lullaby project at Carnegie Hall2.JPG
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