About the "Saving His Music" project

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My friend Steven Goodwin is an incredible composer and pianist. Until recently, his piano songs were only treasured by close friends and family. These compositions were the soundtrack of his marriage and his daughters' years growing up at home. Sadly, he began losing the ability to play his songs due to early onset Alzheimer's disease a few years ago. The loss has been devastating to the family.

Since 2015, I have had the honor and joy of spending time with Steven and his family, recovering his compositions, uncovering his emotion and heart, learning to present the pieces as if he were playing the piano, and finally releasing his music to the world. Together, we are "Saving His Music."

Our story has been shared in many ways...

CBS Sunday Morning

The Week

The Oregonian


Saturday Evening Post

All Classical Radio

...and probably more to come! We love that our little living room project has reached so many people.

Our recordings of Steven's music are now available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and Pandora!

Steven composed one of his piano songs in the midst of our project, while battling the disease. He called it "Melancholy Flower." Then he graciously allowed me to add lyrics and choral score to it, and Melancholy Flower was performed and recorded by the Oregon Repertory Singers. So it truly is a collaborative piece, born out of our project:

Absorbing the compositions of another person into my own soul, and perform them as if he was playing them himself has been truly life-giving and inspiring.

For more information, to listen to the music, and to become a part of this amazing journey, visit savinghismusic.com.

love, music, and peace to you,

- naomi