July 24, 1912 - Grandpa's birthday


Today is so special to me.  It's my Grandpa Paul's birthday.  I took this photo on his 100th birthday, 6 years ago. 

We had a big party for him that day.  Hundreds of family and friends came from all over to celebrate his life.  I decided to write a song about him, and collected song material by interviewing everyone at the party about how much he meant to them.  Everyone spoke of his love.  One of my aunts put it perfectly:  "From the moment I met him, I felt like he had loved me forever."

He passed away 10 days later.  I finished the song, "Forever Loved," and it was included in his memorial service.  Last year, I was so grateful to include it in my record, "Written For You," which is a collection of song gifts and commissions.  Please enjoy listening to the song today, in honor of my Grandpa's birthday.  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Finally, I want you to know that this song represents what I believe to be true about everyone.  Each and every one of us has a story, a legacy, and a gift that is worth preserving, sharing, and celebrating.  Know that you are valuable and cherished!

love, peace, and music,
- naomi