Release of "Forevermore"

I am thrilled to share that my new song, "Forevermore," is out now!


"Forevermore" is the second of my four seasonal singles to be released in 2018.  Listen to "Forevermore" today at Bandcamp:

The Story Behind the Song
When I married the love of my life in August 2016, I acquired a step-daughter, and he acquired a step-son and a step-daughter.  We were instantly a family of 5.  Our challenging and beautiful journey has inspired “Forevermore,” a song that celebrates love and commitment in families. 

In being parents, we are reminded every day that love is a choice, an action.  In all types of parent-child relationships, be they biological, step, foster, or adopted, it is not always easy to bond with a child.  I’ve learned firsthand that the step-parent/step-child relationship grows gradually with commitment and consistently loving actions.  In order to be an additional source of love and support in my step-child’s life, I’ve needed to grow and change in ways I wouldn’t have otherwise.  I’ve had to face and accept my weaknesses, have compassion for myself and my family members, and be patient with the bonding process. I often say that parenting is the cure for perfectionism.  It’s impossible to get it right all the time.  I’m learning to be okay with being a “good-enough” parent.  The blessings and challenges of leading and nurturing children are sometimes unexpected and always worth the effort.  

It’s interesting how sometimes in one’s life, events come full circle. Recently, while participating in the Oregon Symphony Lullaby Project, I’ve helped moms experiencing homelessness compose songs for their children. In the midst of parenting through traumatic life circumstances, their songs will encourage commitment in their families, be soundtracks of love for their children, and strengthen the desires and goals for emotional and physical stability in their lives. In a similar way, the writing and recording of “Forevermore” has provided me the opportunity to process and preserve what I am learning as a parent, with music expressing the soul, heart and emotion of my thoughts and feelings. This song will always be a testament of my commitment to love the children entrusted to my care. 

“Forevermore” releases in-between Mother’s and Father’s Days on June 8, 2018. In sharing this song with the world, I hope to support and encourage the devotion that creates strong families.  May our lives be full of love!

Finally, I'll close with acknowledging the people that helped this song come to life:

John Morton (For walking this journey of parenting and step-parenting with me)
Piper Morton (For naturally being one of the most loving and positive people I know.  It's an honor to be your step-mother)
Kiel Bishop (Production, engineering, mixing & mastering)
Jennifer Yoswa (Artwork) View Jennifer's work

HUGE thanks to these wonderful folks for being a part of this song.  

I really hope you enjoy listening to "Forevermore," and that the love it portrays fills your heart with love, hope, and inspiration.  Happy Mother's Day and Father's Day.

XO -