Forevermore Patron Video

Dear Friends,
I am absolutely delighted to share a new video that celebrates the families of my supporters over at Patreon.  Their images add such beautiful and poignant expression to my new song, "Forevermore."

"Forevermore" is the second of my four seasonal singles to be released in 2018.  Since it is inspired by parenting, it released in-between Mother's Day and Father's Day on June 8.  You can now listen to "Forevermore" everywhere music is... Spotify, Apple, Amazon, etc., and purchase it at my Shop!

My patrons over at Patreon received "Forevermore" a full week early.  The patron photo videos that accompany new songs are one of the simple but meaningful ways I include them in my work and show them my gratitude.  You can become a patron for as little as $1 / month!  Click below to join the team...

I really hope you enjoy "Forevermore," and that it encourages love and commitment in families everywhere!  Strong families make a better world for us all.

XO -

Forevermore - lyrics / poetry

This doesn’t have a screenplay
I won’t always have words to say
But we will learn from each other
in reflections of one another

You show me who I am and who I could be
my heart will open wide, completely
as we learn to live in an intimate place
of compassion, acceptance and grace

I will love you ‘cause I choose to
it’s a choice I make every day
you are mine, I am yours

May you lift your chin higher
open your eyes wider
know in your heart that you are loved
It’s a privilege to know you
for I will be stronger because of you
Already we both are good enough

Go ahead and laugh
I just want to see you shine
Go ahead, reach out your hand
I’ll be here, you can place it in mine

Blessings unexpected
In the ways we become connected
Together our stories will be told
Together we’ll make our home sweet home

I will love you 'cause I choose to
it’s a choice I make every day
you are mine, I am yours