Photos from Live Recording Concert with members of Oregon Symphony

On November 7, 2018, I had the incredible experience of performing a live recording concert with members of the Oregon Symphony. Their artistry was sublime. The love in the room was palpable. I was in seventh heaven.

Thanks to everything that came and was a part of the magic. There will be audio recordings and videos from the evening soon, stay tuned!


Oregon Repertory Singers new album Shadows on the Stars

I hope wherever you are, you're having a beautiful day. Just wanted to update you with some exciting news...

The choral version of "Melancholy Flower," which I co-composed with Steven Goodwin about the Saving His Music project, is now part of an album with works by Pacific NW native and world-renowned choral composer Dr. Morten Lauridsen! All of us on the Saving His Music team are immeasurably grateful to the Oregon Repertory Singers for giving us this honor on their newly released album, Shadows on the Stars. The album is absolutely exquisite.

shadows on the stars.png

Steven composed the piano for Melancholy Flower as an expression of his experience living with Alzheimer's. Then he graciously allowed me to add lyrics and choral score, which metaphorically tell the story of the Saving His Music journey and Steven's perseverance to save musical pieces of his soul.


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“Melancholy Flower” lyric video with a live concert recording

Saving His Music

Please reach out if you’d like to order scores for your choir, or just want more information about the Saving His Music project. Thank you, as always, for all of your friendship, love and support.

XO -


Live-recording concert with members of the Oregon Symphony

Brave. Crazy. Excited. Here we go...

I'm excited to announce that I am either brave or crazy enough to do my first live-recording concert. Woohoo!

The concert will be at the Old Church in Portland, Oregon on November 7, 2018. I will be accompanied by members of the Oregon Symphony, and we will make a live record at the concert.

These symphony musicians are simply incredible. They are WORTH a live recording. I became connected to each one through our involvement in the Lullaby Project, in which we helped moms experiencing homelessness create lullabies for their children. So not only are they talented, but kind and generous too.

And of course, I hope you can come to the concert, too! It's so much fun to be a part of the audience for a live record. The program will be my new songs released in 2018, fan favorites from my three studio recordings, and a special selection of songs from the Saving His Music project (which is my work to record and preserve the music of Steven Goodwin, a composer with Alzheimer's disease). Steven has a lifelong dream to have his music orchestrated, and at this concert that dream will come true!

As an independent singer-songwriter, I've made a lot of records and played a lot of concerts over the years. This one will be extra-special.

love, peace, and bravery,

- naomi