Song Commissions

Have you been looking for an extraordinary gift for someone special in your life?  Do you want to commemorate a special event?  An original song composed by Naomi LaViolette makes a very unique and personalized gift.  Naomi has composed songs for many occasions and purposes, including birthdays, anniversaries, funerals and corporations.  Pricing on a song ranges from $1000 – $3000.

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Naomi’s new record in production, “Written For You,” will feature some of her best song commissions she’s received over the years.  Visit the link below to find out more and support the project.

Naomi’s New Record “Written For You”

Check out these examples of song commissions and the stories behind them, as well as read some reviews below:


Heather commissioned “Thank You For Loving Me” for her sweetheart’s 50th birthday.  When she met with Naomi to discuss the song, she expressed deep gratitude for him, and shared about a sad twist of fate that brought them together.  She wanted a song that conveyed the passionate love between them, included some sadness, and also the joy they find in life together.  Many of the lyrics are direct quotes of things they say to each other.  Most of all, she wanted to make a big statement of love for him, and she thought a song would be the best way to do so.

Steve commissioned “Into The Blue” for a corporate retreat.  Business professionals from all over the nation were coming to build business plans, receive coaching, and reflect on their work.  This song was to help attendees with the ‘reflection’ aspect of the retreat.  Something to help them slow down, breathe, and take the time to get some perspective.  He also wanted the song to connect to water and natural beauty.  Naomi performed the song live at the conference, and then the song was made available for free download to all of the attendees.

Naomi composed “Forever Loved” for her grandfather’s funeral.  He made it to 100 years before passing away, and was cherished by many friends and family.  He left a legacy of unconditional love, devotion to family, and a strong faith that carried him throughout his life.

Jan commissioned “Tuck” for her partner’s 75th birthday. She wanted a song that told his story and captured the essence of his life. He was a devoted, passionate man that often rebelled against conventional ways of doing things. Raised on a farm, he drove tricked-out cars and dropped out of high school, but then proceeded to become a paratrooper and then later finish a law degree. As an adult he had great influence as a political and civic leader, has flown his plane “The Dauntless” to all four corners of North America, and has always striven to make the world a better place.

Christine commissioned “Kiss Me My Love” for her husband’s birthday.  She wanted to show her deep level of commitment to him, how much she loved him, and her thankfulness for him.  They enjoy hiking together, watching the stars, and flying around the world (he’s a pilot).  She also believes that their love has rescued them both.


“Working with Naomi was a blessing.  Not only was it a fun and easy process, she listens.  She has this amazing ability to connect and hear our story bringing it to life with our perfect fit.  Roger and I listen to our song, each verse with specific meaning, so glad we have this gift we can enjoy forever.  He loved his birthday surprise, and I am so happy my love was created into a work of art!”

“I don’t know what to say… moments ago I just experienced my summit, words in song of my love for my husband. Thank you is not enough.  I feel stunned and goose bumps and pure delight in your gift to us.  It is ours forever, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”