Song Commissions

Have you been looking for an extraordinary gift for someone special in your life?  Do you want to commemorate a special event?  An original song composed by Naomi LaViolette makes a very unique and personalized gift.  Naomi has composed songs for many occasions and purposes, including birthdays, anniversaries, funerals and corporations.  Pricing on a song ranges from $1000 – $3000.

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“Naomi was able to listen to my story and feel completely what was in my heart.  She wrote a song using my own musical language, even though I know nothing about composing a song.  She didn’t place herself into the compositions she made for my husband and me.  Instead, she quietly and graciously listened until her heart was able to hear what my heart was trying to say.  And then, total magic happened.  It was though each note she used and every phrase that she uttered was flowing out of her, directly from my being.”

“Working with Naomi was a blessing.  Not only was it a fun and easy process, she listens.  She has this amazing ability to connect and hear our story bringing it to life with our perfect fit.  My husband and I listen to our song, each verse with specific meaning, so glad we have this gift we can enjoy forever.  He loved his birthday surprise, and I am so happy my love was created into a work of art!”

“I don’t know what to say… moments ago I just experienced my summit, words in song of my love for my husband. Thank you is not enough.  I feel stunned and goose bumps and pure delight in your gift to us.  It is ours forever, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”