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“Portland songstress Naomi LaViolette populates the same region as piano-soulsters Sarah McLachlan and Norah Jones. On her new EP, You’ve Got Me, she continues to hone a lovelorn voice that is at once ethereal and grounded. It’s a style not often heard in the realm of indie rock, making hers a rare breed of songwriting. These songs are timeless in their execution and more than a little old-fashioned, but it’s impossible not to get swept up in their emotions…” AP Kryza, Willamette Week

“We had Naomi play a house party recently and she was fantastic! We have been fans of her music for several years and have seen her play in live venues in the past (both as a soloist, in a jazz trio and with a full band), so we were confident it would be wonderful. And it exceeded our expectations!  She seamlessly blended original music, with Jazz classics and original music in her signature style. For those who wanted to sit and enjoy the music, it was entertaining and engaging. And for those elsewhere in the house enjoying other activities or conversations, it served as very rich background music. I’d highly recommend Naomi for any event where you want the music to be memorable and not overpowering. Naomi s a gem and it won’t be long before her talents become known on a national level, so book your event with her now, while you still can!” Jen Davis, Private house party client

“Working with Naomi was a blessing.  Not only was it a fun and easy process, she listens.  She has this amazing ability to connect and hear our story bringing it to life with our perfect fit.  Roger and I listen to our song, each verse with specific meaning, so glad we have this gift we can enjoy forever.  He loved his birthday surprise, and I am so happy my love was created into a work of art!”  Christine Neill, Song Commission Client

“You’ve Got Me is an easy pleasure, with a playful, inviting, upbeat-with-a-twist-of-edgy vibe.  It seems to say, “hey, come hang out, share some wine, talk about life with me.” Of course her voice is HER VOICE. Warm, lush, and perfectly delicious. Classically trained, and at the same time real and down to earth. That’s it! There’s something elemental about this effort. Earthy vocals, with a fresh air feel, these songs stretch freely like a wildfire, but remain fluid and together as a collection, much like a body of water.” Alaya Wyndham-Price, Oregon Music News

“Amazingly powerful with a subtlety that really soars.” Steve Pringle,

“Smooth and unruffled on the surface, her voice and piano swell with strength in reserve. Something dangerous in those jazz depths… Be ready.” Lynn Daroch, KMHD 89.1 Portland jazz radio

“LaViolette is creme brulee right now. She is lace and feathers. She is a rich voice in a delicately styled package, full of heart and care, who is able to embody the mythical presence of that which makes a woman a special creature. She harnesses this beauty of femininity in her music, as some several amazing female artists have done before her, and it works because it is pleasurable and it appeals to the masses, as it is easy to listen to, both because it’s approachable, and because it is enchanting… Each song becomes its own fairy tale, as she brings form not just to the beauty but the power of the female spirit, and suddenly what you are listening to becomes much more important. ” Alaya Wyndham-Price, Oregon Music News

“Naomi’s music is intimate, welcoming, and cozy. In the moment. This debut album is full of unexpected textures and turns. Both in the instrumentation (strings!) and dynamics..The lyrics evoke one’s own experience but through a Naomi-lense. Which is a wonderful way to view life. Familiar somehow, because we’ve all been there, in relationship, and small moments of life. Naomi often suggests in her songs, to love her for who she is. To make a commitment. I do!” Inessa,

“Jimmy Mak’s on January 27, 2012 – Naomi LaViolette CD release – full to the bubbling brim…the sophisticated yet wholesome singer/songwriter charmed with her winsome piano and wise way with words. Her tasteful, talented ensemble ensured a memorable night for all! A star is born.” Lisa LePine, Music Promotion

“Naomi’s album has an overall feeling of soul and emotion, sung in a voice that comes through honestly, conveying a true feeling for the story being told with great musical backing from a solid band.” Jim Makarounis, Club Owner, Jimmy Mak’s

“Naomi’s music falls somewhere between folk and jazz, with a touch of Sarah McLachlan, Norah Jones and her songwriting idol, Joni Mitchell. ” Rachel Stark, The Oregonian

“Pianist-vocalist Naomi LaViolette is a lyrical musician who knows how to string together the perfect run of notes, just enough to show you she’s got chops, on the keys or in her voice, but not so many that she overwhelms the beauty of a melody.” Rob Cullivan, The Portland Tribune

“Saying Naomi is a good musician doesn’t mean that it stops at being a great singer, or skilled at her instrument. She understands how the ‘nuts and bolts’ of music fit together. It made communicating creative ideas easier with everyone involved, as well as stretching our imaginations for where the production might land. She came to me without ‘fences’ around her songs, and loved experimenting with ‘new colors’ of sound. Her songwriting is ‘in the moment’, personal in a way that makes you feel like you’ve been there before too. If Sarah McLachlan and Madeleine Peyroux took a road trip down the rocky shores of the Oregon Coast, they’d come back with songs like this.”  Dean Baskerville, Producer/Engineer, Fringe Creative Group

“Naomi LaViolette specializes in the kind of music that goes immediately for the heart strings.  She tackles the rarely told tale of love not yet lost.  LaViolette’s songs are prodded along by intensely intricate piano hooks, with the singer’s ethereal voice drifting overtop in a way that is both soothing and penetrating.” AP Kryza, Forest Grove News Times

“Always delightful and engaging…creating a modern and refreshing sound that is unique yet pleasing to the ear.” Andy Gilbert, Pacific Talent Inc.